Weight Loss: It's Not Supposed To Be Easy!
How can hypnosis help me to lose weight?

Hypnosis is a proven way to change old habits! I We will take the time to learn about you and how you relate to food and any other issues related to your problem.

Then talk with you to formulate a plan that will work for you as an individual with your own likes and dislikes. We do not believe in a “one size fits all,” approach. Everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes that need to be considered in any weight loss plan.

We do real hypnosis. We will work with you one-on-one and you will , after the first session, begin to see changes. We do not use tapes and headphones! You will experience real hypnosis with suggestions customized for you.

Here is how it works. There are two main factors that contribute to weight gain:

1. Bad habits such as eating too much, or eating the wrong kinds of foods: These bad habits can be picked up during childhood or at other times, such as while in the military. These bad habits can be difficult to break on your own. Hypnosis breaks down the barrier and makes it much easier.

2. The association between food and emotions:  Most of our clients can make the connection between food and emotions. For example many people have felt bored and opted for a snack to fill in the time. Or some people eat because of stress. Others are emotional eaters and don’t even know it.

Our approach will enable you to experience a proven hypnotherapeutic process that will help you take back control over those bad habits and emotional eating, so you will positively change your relationship with food.

Bad habits removed with Hypnosis!

First, we will listen to you and learn about the history of your struggle with controlling your weight. Then we will answer any questions that you may have about hypnosis. We will also ask you about your history with weight and eating patterns. You will also be asked about what you have tried before so that a customized hypnosis session can be designed just for you.

Then, you will be guided into hypnosis. It is a cooperative state, in which we give you the suggestions that were customized for you. You only need to follow instructions so that a sufficient level of hypnosis can be obtained to make the changes that you came in to make.

Dissolving the Emotional link that causes over-eating and weight gain

A certified 5-PATH hypnotherapist is more than just a hypnotist. We've been trained to help you overcome the old hang-ups that have stressed you out and caused you to over-eat, if that is the case.

This process along with a little bit of education will greatly reduce the desire to eat when you are not truly hungry.

As part of the educative process, you will learn about the “Secret Language of Feelings,” and how taking back control of how you feel emotionally, greatly improves your ability to control the quantity and quality of the food you eat!

Most of the people who come to see us have tried many weight loss programs before trying hypnosis. They have been on every kind of diet and exercise program. They have been looking for that “missing something” that can finally help them to succeed.

Weight loss is not simple using the conscious mind.  These changes need to be made at the subconscious level of the mind where emotions and habits reside. This is done with hypnosis.

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"Three Months From Now You Will Thank Yourself."
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What a Session Looks Like /        Weight Loss
  • First session begins with  time to discuss Goals, Timelines and Concerns
  • We will find out your History with Health and Weight Loss, what works and make a plan Tailored to You
  • You'll watch a Pre-Talk Video that will answer most of your  concerns and questions about Hypnosis. After, we'll talk about any additional questions you have about Hypnosis and the Process
  • Then we'll take care of the paperwork including, confidentiality and the Legal stuff
  • When you're ready, you will relax in the Big Chair and experience the Magic of Hypnosis!
  • The side effects of Hypnosis: You will feel really good and gain some Insight into the Emotions driving the Behavior
Why Work With Us
  1. Advanced Hypnotic Techiques
    We use the latest Hypnotic technologies. After your first session you Will Know you were Hypnotized.
  2. Certified Consulting Hypnotist
    By the National Guild of Hypnotists the oldest and largest Hypnosis governing body in the World. And I am a Licensed Hypnotherapist in Washington State.
  3. It's Time for a Change
    With our Powerful Hypnosis Strategies change can happen Quickly. Are you fed up with feeling this way? We can help. This is what we do!
  4. FREE Nutrition Plan
    Caitlin Fowler is a Certified Nutritionist and she will Tailor a plan that's perfect for you. Healing is Holistic, we must Heal the Mind and Body!
I decided to try hypnosis for weight loss at the recommendation of a friend. I was just so tired of trying and failing all the diets and feeling worse and worse about myself. From the first phone call Dale made me feel comfortable and at ease talking about my problems and fears. His sessions were really enlightening. I thought my weight problem was just about bad food choices but he helped me realize it was really emotional. I lost about 50 lbs and more importantly my stress and anxiety got so much better! I had no idea those things were even connected. Now I feel in control of my health and emotions and I feel good in my body.

Dale is so professional and explained how everything worked so I could understand. He was also really kind and never made me feel judged. He was easy to work with and I felt right away that he could really understand and could really help me. I highly recommend Dale to anyone whose dealing with weight issues and stress/anxiety. You never know how much you can learn about yourself and he'll help guide you -Callie H