Hypnosis for Stress Relief with Safe Room

In this Powerful Hypnosis for Stress video we will create a Safe Room where you can go to Think, Meditate, Pray or just Relax. So sit back, relax and enjoy the video!
"The experience was amazing! Went through the Therapy program for stress and anxiety and I feel like a 300lb brick has been lifted from my shoulders. I was skeptical at first but now i know better. I never knew how much crap I was carrying around until it's gone. I definitely recommend him to anybody." -Evan M

In addition to his amazing skill set, training, and knowledge base of Hypnotherapy, Dale is instantly calming. Deciding to make a change around the areas where we feel stuck and desperate can be very stressful. Dale's presence, humor and acceptance puts you in the perfect hands to begin your life changing journey. The way he explains the Hypnosis process is very easy to understand and will put you at ease and even get you excited for the changes to come -Jackie M

Dale has an ability to instill a sense of calm in almost anyone. His knowledge of hypnosis, NLP, and other behavioral change techniques are outstanding. If you are looking for someone to help you through a tough time, challenging circumstances, or to form new healthy habits he is definitely worth it -Paul K

He is sent from God my anxiety use to be so bad. I often missed work now I am able to work without having a attack and my self esteem has doubled - Amy J


"I decided to try hypnosis for weight loss at the recommendation of a friend. I was just so tired of trying and failing all the diets and feeling worse and worse about myself. From the first phone call Dale made me feel comfortable and at ease talking about my problems and fears. His sessions were really enlightening. I thought my weight problem was just about bad food choices but he helped me realize it was really emotional. I lost about 50 lbs and more importantly my stress and anxiety got so much better! I had no idea those things were even connected. Now I feel in control of my health and emotions and I feel good in my body.

Dale is so professional and explained how everything worked so I could understand. He was also really kind and never made me feel judged. He was easy to work with and I felt right away that he could really understand and could really help me. I highly recommend Dale to anyone whose dealing with weight issues and stress/anxiety." - Callie H

Sports Improvement

When I came to see Dale I was having trouble keeping my head down. And nothing I tried seemed to work. After two hypnosis sessions where I played the course perfectly in my head I shot even par on the front nine which is the best I've ever done. I knew that Hypnosis works because I used it to stop smoking Camels  28 years ago.  I'm thrilled that you helped me take my game to the next level - Tom H Portland, OR

My friends can't beat me anymore and I love it. Boy oh boy do they like to talk! The hypnosis really helped my game. I am consistently in the mid 80's and even shot a 79 for the first time and it was exciting. I wasn't sure about the hypnosis but it was so relaxing and it really helped with my nerves after bad shots. Hell, even Jack sliced one every now and then.  Thanks for everything.
- Al P- Vancouver, WA