Are you Ready to Quit for Good?

With Hypnosis... it's Easier Than You Think!

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that will  help you take control. When you are ready to quit for good then you are ready to succeed with Hypnosis.

Do you feel like you just cant kick the habit? Do you feel like you have tried everything or is this your first attempt to quit. Either way. The stop smoking programs that we use is designed to reduce the emotion (anxiety, stress etc...)  you feel in your life. While reducing stress in your life we also utilize  powerful suggestions that make quitting smoking easy for you.

 We will help you to understand how habits and emotions interact and drive each other. With the approach we use here you will be able to have all of the tools to handle life’s stressors free of smoking. You can finally have control back and be free of smoking for the rest of your life.

We offer two different approaches to help you quit smoking. We do this because we don’t believe in the one size fits all approach. Every person is different, every issue is different so we offer choices in the programs.

The first program we offer is the ​Quit Now Program!​  This is a two-session approach, the combination of the first and second session give a much greater effectiveness than can be provided by any one-session stop smoking approach. I don't believe the work can be done properly in one session. Because there needs to be follow-up and accountability. This approach may be right for you if you have quit in the past with little difficulty, you have successfully quit using hypnosis before, you are HIGHLY motivated to quit smoking.

The second approach is the Therapeutic Approach!  This is more of a thorough approach. It takes more of life into account when dealing with smoking. Most smokers can see that their habit is not simply just a habit. That stress and other emotions are a key player in their smoking. When smokers are under stress or experience other emotions the drive to smoke becomes much stronger. These are the times many smokers who attempt to quit, fail.

Watch the video to see what happens in your body when you Decide to Stop Smoking!

We can eliminate the stressors that cause you to smoke. The Hypnotherapeutic approach is best for you if you have tried to quit before but failed because you became irritable or over emotional. You tried to quit before but failed because of weight gain.

Just thinking about quitting makes you nervous and emotional. You don’t need to decide which one is right for you it is best if you call me and we can help you determine which program will offer you the success of becoming a non-smoker.

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Let's Calculate the Price of Smoking!
At $7 a pack 

10 Cigarettes a day = $1,278.00 per year 
1 Pack  a day  =​ $2,555.00 per year 
30 Cigarettes a day = $3,833.00 per year 
2 Packs a day = $5,110.00 per year 
50 Cigarettes a day = $6,388.00 per year 
60 Cigarettes a day = $7,665.00 per year 

A Two-Session Package is only $250
What a Session looks like / Quit Smoking
  • First session begins with  time to discuss Goals, Timelines and Concerns
  • We will find out your History with smoking, quitting and Why you smoke
  • You'll watch a Pre-Talk Video that will answer most of your  concerns and questions about Hypnosis. After ,we'll talk about any additional questions you have about Hypnosis and the Process
  • Then we'll take care of the paperwork including, confidentiality and the Legal stuff
  • When you're ready, you will relax in the Big Chair and experience the Magic of Hypnosis!
  • The side effects of Hypnosis: You will feel really good and most people Will look at smoking in a Completely Different way.
Why Work With Us
  1. Advanced Hypnotic Techiques
    We use the latest Hypnotic technologies. After your first session you Will Know you were Hypnotized.
  2. Certified Consulting Hypnotist
    By the National Guild of Hypnotists the oldest and largest Hypnosis governing body in the World. And am a Licensed Hypnotherapist in Washington State.
  3. It's Time for a Change
    With our Powerful Hypnosis Strategies change can happen Quickly. Are you fed up with feeling this way? We can help. This is what we do!
  4. FREE Nutrition Plan
    Caitlin Fowler is a Certified Nutritionist and she will Tailor a plan that's perfect for you. Healing is Holistic, we must Heal the Mind and Body!