Ancient Rome

The two Best Days in Your Life:
The day you were born and the Day you Find out Why

Questions we can explore in Past Life Regression:

  • Why are you here in this Lifetime? And when you know why, it will effect every day for the rest of your life.
  • Will this Knowledge Give you a new Purpose?
  • Why does this seem so familiar?
  • Would you like to know what you knew when you were in Pure Spirit Form?
  • Which Relationships have continued from a Past Life?

 Simply, the Informing Soul Technique can be understood as the use of hypnosis to enable an individual to go before she was incarnated, back to her pure soul consciousness.

 Once in this state, we can speak to the Soul of the Individual and find out why she is coming into this life, and gather any other information that you would like. Such as:
  • Why you have the parents you have?
  • What was the purpose of your suffering in this life?
  • What are you Suppposed to be doing now?
What a Session Looks Like /
 Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
  • First session begins with  time to discuss Goals, Timelines and Concerns
  • You'll watch a Pre-Talk Video that will answer most of your  concerns and questions about Hypnosis. After ,we'll talk about any additional questions you have about Hypnosis and the Process
  • Then we'll take care of the paperwork including, confidentiality and the Legal stuff
  • When you're ready, you will relax in the Big Chair and experience the Magic of Hypnosis!
  • The side effects of Hypnosis: You will feel really good and most people Will immediately have Insight into Why they are in this Life!
Why Work With Us
  1. Advanced Hypnotic Techiques
    We use the latest Hypnotic technologies. After your first session you Will Know you were Hypnotized.
  2. Certified Consulting Hypnotist
    By the National Guild of Hypnotists the oldest and largest Hypnosis governing body in the World. And am a Licensed Hypnotherapist in Washington State.
  3. It's Time for a Change
    With our Powerful Hypnosis Strategies change can happen Quickly. Are you fed up with feeling this way? We can help. This is what we do!
  4. FREE Nutrition Plan
    Caitlin Fowler is a Certified Nutritionist and she will Tailor a plan that's perfect for you. Healing is Holistic, we must Heal the Mind and Body!