Does this sound familiar?  Anxiety - overwhelm - frustration- anger -  tension and STRESS. Then it tends to show up in our body as back, neck, shoulder  pain or headaches.
Why Meditation and Hypnosis works is we can STOP THE PATTERN FROM EVER STARTING.

No anxiety - No frustration - No tension and no STRESS

In Meditation or Hypnosis I give you the suggestion (if you accept it) that:
"Everytime you begin to feel anxious... a wave of CALMNESS will flow through you Body and Mind. And this CALMNESS will Cause you to FOCUS.... on what you Know... you need to do next.

This is one of the simple suggestion I will give you and there's much, much more! Come witness and feel the power of working with the Subconscious mind. Hope to see you there!

Read "The Truth about Hypnosis" FAQ


Seating is Limited

All Sessions are held in the ELM ROOM at the Marshall Center. Session price is $49 ($79 for two people - $110 for three people)
or Pay at the Door. Just remember... seating is limited

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Celebrities Who Have Used Hypnosis

Why are People Choosing Group Sessions?

Who will Benefit From Group Hypnosis?

  • Those with a Positve Expecetancy that you will Benefit from the Group Dynamics
  • Like a Supportive Environment with people who are dealing with the same issue as you
  • Would like to meet friends, share your experiences and pick up tips from others
  • Small Investment - only $49 or just $79 for two people
  • Hypnosis is sexy! It's a little mysterious but that's what we love about it.  Plus most people find they are more relaxed than they have been in years
  • Hypnosis is also normal and Safe -  Check out the FAQ
  • Want to hang out with me. I'm pretty cool... I think.. my teenage daughters would probably disagree

Warning: People that should NOT come to a group session

  • People who don't think it will work
  • Those who are diagnosed with or taking medication for a mental or emotional disorder (Doctor’s referral required)
  • People who are not Seahawks and Blazer fans will be frowned upon
Hypnosis Sessions
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“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

― George Addair


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