What a Session looks like / Fears
Types of Fears Hypnosis works For

  •  Heights
  •  Storms / Water / Darkness
  • Animals:  Snakes /Spiders / Dogs /  Insects /  even Imagined animals (because the fear is just as real)
  • Medical: Fear of injury / Shots (needles injections /  Hospitals/  Blood 
  • Flying / Dentistry / Driving / Tunnels /  Bridges
  •  Social situations such as Public Speaking / Dating / Interviews / Testing in School or work 
  • First session begins with  time to discuss Goals, Timelines and Concerns
  • We will find out Fear  and Make a Plan to eliminate it and Replace it with a Powerful Emotion instead.
  • Sports is my Favorite session so the session will be even  more powerful and Effective
  • You'll watch a Pre-Talk Video that will answer most of your  concerns and questions about Hypnosis. After, we'll talk about any additional questions you have about Hypnosis and the Pain reduction process
  • Then we'll take care of the paperwork including, confidentiality and the Legal stuff
  • When you're ready, you will relax in the Big Chair and experience the Magic of Hypnosis!
  • The side effects of Hypnosis: You will feel better and most people enjoy the Hypnosis so much they don't want to Emerge

Why Work With Us
  1. Advanced Hypnotic Techiques
    We use the latest Hypnotic technologies. After your first session you Will Know you were Hypnotized.
  2. Certified Consulting Hypnotist
    By the National Guild of Hypnotists the oldest and largest Hypnosis governing body in the World. And am a Licensed Hypnotherapist in Washington State.
  3. It's Time for a Change
    With our Powerful Hypnosis Strategies change can happen Quickly. Are you fed up with feeling this way? We can help. This is what we do!
  4. FREE Nutrition Plan
    Caitlin Fowler is a Certified Nutritionist and she will Tailor a plan that's perfect for you. Healing is Holistic, we must Heal the Mind and Body!