Emotions, Feelings and Habits come from your subconscious mind. So if you want to change the emotion or feeling that's causing your anxiety or stress you must start there. Doesn't that Make Sense?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Anxiety can be experienced at different levels. It can be brought on by a fear of something that happened, or what we think happened and dread happening again. While most people will experience a relatively mild form of anxiety when facing a particularly stressful situation (such as an exam or presentation), anxiety disorders are very different. An anxiety disorder can disrupt the day-to-day life of an individual.

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When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, it can sometimes lead to them avoiding certain situations because they fear it may be a trigger. This can make regular life difficult, causing the individual to miss out on many opportunities. This constant fear can begin to affect their life, preventing them from achieving potential job promotions and developing personal relationships.

Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment in reducing feelings of anxiety. Hypnotherapy for anxiety aims to seek the root cause of the problem. It works to change the individual’s thoughts and feelings associated with it.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety
. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help boost confidence and self-belief, while reducing feelings of fear and intense worry. It can help you develop the ability to access the calm state of mind needed to overcome the often-overwhelming emotions you are living with.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety aims to access your subconscious mind. Using the power of suggestion, it works to promote positive change. These suggestions can be tailored to help you learn what triggers your anxiety and why, as well as changing the way you react towards them.
Hypnotherapy can begin to teach you how to regain a sense of control and normality. It can help you understand what triggers your anxiety and how to cope when you start to feel anxious.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?
To begin, we will discuss what you hope to achieve from hypnotherapy. I will ask you questions about your life to try and establish any triggers or causes for the way you feel. I'll then explain how hypnosis works for anxiety. 

During the first session, I will begin by helping you enter a relaxed state of mind. I may then ask you to focus on a time when you have felt anxious. You may be asked to focus on the physical sensations, as well as thinking of what may trigger your anxiety.

Once you have recognized these sensations, I will offer calming words or “suggestions”. What I say will depend on you and your personal situation. For example, if you have recognized a trigger to be pressure at work or university, the suggestion may be:

 "Any time you begin to feel anxious a wave of CALMNESS and RELAXATION will instantly flow through your mind and body. And that calmness will cause you to FOCUS on what you know...
you need to do next."

Then in the second session we will find the FEAR that's driving the feeling (anxiety) and neutralize it. And once the fear is gone, there will be no reason to be anxious.  In sessions 3-6 we deal with the rest of the emotions (additional fear, anger, guilt, remorse, sadness) 
"This is not an anxiety or stress relief technique. You can have permanent change from the inside out... at the root of the problem."

It typically takes 5-6 sessions for any issue. If you're ready to stop being anxious or stressed. And you're ready to just feel normal again. Give me a call. Or if it's easier send me an email with your questions.

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Panic Disorder
Panic disorder is characterised by feelings of terror, which can strike suddenly and without warning. A common symptom is panic attacks, though not everyone who experiences a panic attack will have panic disorder. Those who are diagnosed with panic disorder can often feel constantly afraid. It is this fear that can often lead to panic attacks, where it becomes a vicious cycle. Panic disorder is more common than generally recognised and affects a large proportion of the population.

"Anxiety is like when you are the only one who knows the world is coming to an end but everyone thinks you're crazy."

I can help... Let's get you back to feeling normal again.

"The experience was amazing! Went through the Therapy program for stress and anxiety and I feel like a 300lb brick has been lifted from my shoulders. I was skeptical at first but now i know better. I never knew how much crap I was carrying around until it's gone. I definitely recommend him to anybody." -Evan M

In addition to his amazing skill set, training, and knowledge base of Hypnotherapy, Dale is instantly calming. Deciding to make a change around the areas where we feel stuck and desperate can be very stressful. Dale's presence, humor and acceptance puts you in the perfect hands to begin your life changing journey. The way he explains the Hypnosis process is very easy to understand and will put you at ease and even get you excited for the changes to come -Jackie M

Dale has an ability to instill a sense of calm in almost anyone. His knowledge of hypnosis, NLP, and other behavioral change techniques are outstanding. If you are looking for someone to help you through a tough time, challenging circumstances, or to form new healthy habits he is definitely worth it -Paul K

He is sent from God my anxiety use to be so bad. I often missed work now I am able to work without having a attack and my self esteem has doubled - Amy J